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Motleys - The Flamenco



The master of the traditional Spanish dance, the Flamenco’s lightning-fast dance moves can set the stage on fire. But he is also known for his exceptional horse riding skills.

Formally dressed, this gentleman dancer is wearing his traditional Traje Corto, his shirt in black stained solid ash wood, complimented with a red ribbon waist sash and red metal nails to secure it. On his solid maple wood head he is wearing the traditional flat top hat which also has a complimentary red ribbon and a single metal nail to secure it.
The Motleys are each unique and individual characters, with each wooden part of the entire collection containing magnets that have been carefully imbedded into them, each part of the entire collection becomes interchangeable and interactive. These magnetic parts give you the freedom to mix and match any part of any other Motley in the entire collection to create your own.