Large walking art by marija

Nuuna - Walking Art By Marija Mandic - Graphic L



SUSTAINABLE COVER MATERIAL - Soft recycled leather made from stamping leftovers in leather manufacturing | Soft touch coating | robust and easy to clean | Flex cover notebook

INSIDE - 256 numbered pages | 3.5 mm dot grid | 120 g strong premium paper from sustainable forestry, Cradle-to-Cradle certified | suitable as a bullet journal

UNIQUE FINISHING - The cover design was applied in brilliant multi-color printing | the printed book edges ensure a cool 360° effect and turn the notebook into a real design object | Design notebook

INNOVATIVE BINDING - The solid thread stitching and innovative binding technology ensure perfect opening behavior writing & sketching is possible across the flat double page | Lay flat notebook

PREMIUM QUALITY MADE IN GERMANY - Produced in Germany to the highest standards and with great attention to detail

The artist Marija Mandic did it - throwing art on the cover of nuuna notebooks. Art as language that captures thoughts, feelings and inspirations. Even when you're on the go. WALKING ART. Also works without a vernissage, art installation or gallery.

165 x 220mm

Net weight

256 pages, 3.5 mm grid

Cover made of soft recycled leather, 120 g premium paper, thread stitching, multi-colored printing.